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If you live in Caledonia or the surrounding area and need a trusted veterinarian to care for your pets or farm animals – look no further.  Your pets’ health and well-being are very important to us, and we take every possible measure to give your animals the care they deserve. 

Caledonia Veterinary Clinic was established in 1961 and has been providing veterinary care to the community ever since. We are a both a large and small animal veterinary clinic, and on a daily basis treat cattle, horses, dogs and cats. We also see llamas, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and most other pocket pets. We pride ourselves on providing quality and compassionate veterinary care to all of our patients, and on educating our clients so that they can keep their pets and herds healthy.

We welcome both emergency treatment cases as well as patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care.  Beyond first-rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and calm, so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting our veterinarian. We are happy to offer a number of resources that enable you to learn about how to take better care of your pets. Please feel free to browse our site, particularly the informational articles. The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention, so becoming knowledgeable about preventative pet care is essential to the ongoing success of your animal’s health. If you have any questions, call (507) 725-3380 or email us and we'll promptly get back to you. Caledonia Veterinary Clinic is very easy to get to -- just check out the map below! We also welcome you to subscribe to our newsletter, which is created especially for Caledonia pet owners. At Caledonia Veterinary Clinic, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are. 

Mission Statement:
To provide the highest quality veterinary care to our patients while serving our clients with compassion and professionalism.

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  • Bobbie Jo Martin

    Originally from New Albin, I joined the military following high school and was stationed in Germany with two deployments to Iraq.  I attended college at Iowa State University and received my DVM degree after fulfilling my military commitment.  In the fall of 2017, I joined the Caledonia Veterinary Clinic.  In my spare time I enjoy finding projects to work on at our farm outside of New Albin and spending time with family and friends. 

  • Ashley Fetketter
    Veterinarian Technician

    I graduated from Rochester Community Technical College in 2009 with a Veterinary Technician degree.  I joined the Caledonia Vet Clinic in July of 2016. I live in Eitzen MN with my boyfriend Cody, and our 2 dogs, Addie & Oliver. When I'm not working I enjoy hanging out with my family & friends, kayaking and camping.  I hope to see you at the clinic soon! 

  • Judy Massman

    I started working at Caledonia Vet Clinic 5 years ago. I had previously worked at another vet clinic for 25 years. I have lived in Caledonia all of my life. My husband Gary and I enjoy the great outdoors, especially taking the 4-wheeler on trails through the woods, gardening, canning and freezing the many fruits and vegetables that we grow. Our family includes our son, daughter, their spouses and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I am excited to be here and look forward to seeing your familiar faces!

  • Nancy Ranzenberger
    Receptionist & Groomer

    Hi and welcome to our clinic! I have been working here for over 30 years. I have enjoyed working with the farmers and pet owners along with their furry friends. What I like about working here is that you see and learn something new every day. My husband, Terry, and I live 2 miles out of town and have Dixie, a Treeing Walker Coonhound, and Tessa a Beagle cross. We also raise beef steers. You will usually find me grooming or up front as receptionist. See you at the clinic!

  • Carley Radecki
    Veterinary Technician

    I graduated from Rochester Community & Technical College with a Veterinary Technician degree in 2007. I currently live in La Crescent, MN with my husband Bob and our son Lincoln. We share our house with our Corgi, Booker, and Bull Terriers, Bowie and Britta. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family, camping, fishing and doing projects around the house!

  • Tess Linn
    Veterinary Technician

    I grew up in Fairmont, MN and moved to La Crosse, WI to attend Viterbo University. I graduated in 2001 with a degree in biology. After graduation, I worked at a veterinary clinic for 5 years. I then moved to some acreage outside of Caledonia with my husband, Tom, and our children, Paislee and Tanner. In my free time I enjoy cooking, gardening and horseback riding. I have chickens, 5 horses, indoor and outdoor cats, and a dog  'Odie'. 

    I am here at the Caledonia Vet Clinic where I hope to meet you and your pets soon!

  • Kelly Gavin
    Veterinary Technician

    I graduated from Northeast Iowa Community College with a degree as a Veterinary Assistant. I've worked at a veterinary clinic ever since. I'm a people person and love animals so this is a great way to have both. I enjoy this job so much because of the variety; you never know what is going to happen from one day to the next.

    My own four legged family consists of 7 cats (Selma, Bruticus, Paisy, Phillip, Poppers, Luther and Shakers), 3 dogs (a German Shepherd/Lab - Grace, a Scottish Deerhound - Rhona, and a German Shepherd/Elkhound - Eve), a horse (Piper), and a sulfur crested cockatoo (Jimmy).

    In my free time I like to read, watch movies, work out, hike and go horseback riding. I also tend bar at the High Chaparral Tavern in New Albin. I look forward to meeting you and your furry little friend the next time you come in!

  • Lee Edmiston

    Dr. Lee Edmiston is a graduate of the University Of Minnesota College Of Veterinary Medicine and brings many, many, many years of large animal experience!! Dr. Lee and his wife Deb, a Nurse Practitioner at Mayo, have a Doxie named Johnny Depp and a 'very fine mouser' of a kitty named Lennox.

  • Beth Wohlert

    I grew up on a small dairy farm in NE Iowa and attended Wartburg College in Waverly, IA.  I then pursued my DVM at Iowa State University where I graduated in 2009.  I joined the team at the Caledonia Veterinary clinic part time in 2012. 

    My favorite part of this job is getting to know the pets and clients who have become part the Caledonia Vet Clinic family.  I greatly enjoy the energy, humor of the staff, and the commitment to good quality medicine, surgery and preventative care.

    I currently live in Spring Grove, MN with my husband, Tyler and son, Jonah. When not occupied on the farm, we enjoy spending time travelling, camping and going for motorcycle rides. I am very excited to get the chance to meet you!

  • Jennifer Gavin

    I was born and raised in La Crosse but have lived all around the country and abroad since graduating from high school.

    I attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, then lived and worked in Los Angeles, California for three years. From there I attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on St. Kitts Island in the Caribbean. I finished veterinary school at Colorado State University and then completed a reproduction internship in Northern California. I did relief work in the Twin Cities area, then moved to North Dakota and worked at a mixed animal practice for 3 1/2 years.

    I enjoy working with large and small animals. I now live in La Crescent with my husband, Rick, and two fat and sassy cats named Bubba and Sam.  

  • Naaren Kingsley

    I was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma but moved to New York when I was 11 years old. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a veterinarian and never considered any other career path.

    I graduated from Colgate University and then attended the University Of Minnesota College Of Veterinary Medicine. I met Travis in veterinary school and we were married at the beginning of our senior year. After school, Travis got a job at Caledonia Veterinary Clinic and I worked in Winona at Pet Medical center for 5 years and then in Sparta, WI at Morganside Veterinary Clinic for 4 years. It did not take long for us to realize that this was where we wanted to stay so when the opportunity came to purchase Caledonia Veterinary Clinic, we jumped at the chance! I have really enjoyed working and living in this community. I work exclusively with small animals and especially enjoy internal medicine and soft tissue surgery.

    Travis and I have 3 kids - Noah, Priya and Avery. We also have 2 dogs (Lynx, a Great Dane mix and Roy, a Scottish Deerhound), 1 cat (Gordy), as well as goats, chickens, geese and guinea hens. Life is busy at our house, but we wouldn't want it any other way.

  • Travis Kingsley

    I grew up on a farm outside of Houston, MN. Through the years we had dairy cows, beef cattle, pigs and always horses. I knew eventually I would go to veterinary school, but after high school I joined the Army and served in Germany for a few years. When I came back to Minnesota I attended Winona State University and then the University Of Minnesota College Of Veterinary Medicine.

    When we graduated, Naaren and I moved back to this area and I started working for Caledonia Veterinary Clinic. I have never thought of working anywhere else so buying the practice was an easy decision for us. I love this area, the community and my clients.
    While I enjoy all aspects of veterinary medicine, I especially enjoy herd health, ultrasound and reproduction.


Read What Our Clients Say

    Very caring. The staff is helpful and considerate. Love this place!

    Laurel R.

    I trust them with my animals both farm and pets and they are medium priced

    Paul T.

    Dr Naaren is super great. As are the other clinic vets. Receptionists and technicians are knowledgeable and efficient. Very nice clinic. Sadly I will be moving this summer and have to find a vet there. I will miss everyone here.

    Patti T.

    This is an absolutely excellent place to bring your pet. They are all very loving and very kind there.

    Vicki O.

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